How many followers do you have?

On this blog only 93. ^^”

Where do you make/get your gifs?

I reblog a good bit of them.  The ones that I actually make though I do using two programs.  Photoshop Elements (to pull images from video footage - and again later to animate them) The other program is where I edit the colorings (simply because I know that one much better but it doesn’t allow animation) - it’s called Paint Shop Pro Studio X. :)  If you don’t have access to those programs you can still make gifs as long as you have the images.  Google myspace gif gen and you should click on the one that says “Animated Gif Maker -”  It’s a generator that let’s you toss in 10 photos and make a gif (you can adjust the speeds and there is no annoying watermark) ^^”


Even if I have to take your place
So long as you’re safe
That’s all that matters

sort of inspired by this post